Today's Chords and How to Use Them Music Book
Today's Chords and How to Use Them
Learn Keyboards Today's Way
120 pages of Four to Seven Note Chord Exercises!

Plenty of books will tell you what a seventh chord is - or an inversion - or an eleventh chord with a flat ninth. In 'Today's Chords and How to Use Them' you will learn all that, but your musical development won't stop there. You'll learn why chords sound the way they do, and where to use different types of chords to achieve desired musical effects. You'll learn how 'resolutions' of various chord tones can add movement and interest to your playing. You'll learn how to play modern chords used in today's music in all kinds of chord progressions, just as you do when performing. You'll also learn how to lead from one chord to another, with professional, "smooth moves" that only a top composer and arranger like Dr. "Bugs" Bower can show you. In short, you'll learn everything you need to sound like the top players of today.

This unique music book provides a down-to-earth, comprehensive approach to learning keyboards that recognizes what modern musicians need - And delivers it!

Today's Way To Play the Classics for all keyboards Music Book
Today's Way To Play the Classics for all keyboards
Learning Keyboards Today's Way makes it easy to play and enjoy Great Piano Classics!

Contains 47 familiar classical themes you know, you love and, now finally, you can play. All of the notes, the keys, and the chords have been simplified for easy playing so you can delight youself and others with this beautiful classical music. Don't like reading bass clef? Relax, it has been omitted. Have trouble reading piano chords from a staff? Not a problem-the chords are all written in easy to read 'chord symbol' notation. Even these chord symbols are explained at the top of each piece. Now you can quickly master the classics in an easy and modern style of keyboard playing. Popular favorites include: Fur Elise, Greensleeves, Swan Lake, Toreador Song and many others.

Today's Way To Play the Standards  for all Keyboards Music Book
Today's Way To Play the Standards - for all Keyboards
Learn Keyboard Standards quickly and easily

You'll truly enjoy this book of 47 songs, so familiar, so treasured, they have earned the name of "standards." You get easy to read 'lead sheet' type notation with melodies, chord symbols and words. All of the notes, keys, and chords have been simplified to make it easy for you to add these beautiful, timeless songs to your repertiore. You get arrangements of "I Never Knew", "Indiana", "Margie", "Memories", "St. Louis Blues", "Tiger Rag" and many more!